Create a picture in your mind of THE MOST unusual sight you've ever seen. What could it possibly be?
  • A rabbi eating bacon?
  • Your grandparents playing twister in the nude?

Now picture this: A 6 foot 6 inch, 286 pound baby faced teddy bear making an interacting audience laugh uncontrollably.

Unusual? - YES! Imaginary? NO WAY !

Tim Marszalkowski (AKA "Polish Thunder") is one of a kind show business spectacle and very real.

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Ohio is his home, but Tim has crisscrossed the country more times than the entire interstate highway system and he is just as solid. He has been in more hotel rooms than the Gideon Bible and in more restaurants than the Heimlich maneuver. 

Whether Tim is opening for major headline acts, doing TV, or headlining at a comedy club, Tim is consistent, professional, and most importantly, absolutely hysterical.

Making people laugh is what Tim does best. Whether entertaining a crowd of 500 while opening a concert or making an impromptu appearance at his favorite club, Tim is sure to crack even the tightest faces. Tim says that when he first tried comedy and made a few people laugh, he figured he could make many people laugh. And he was right..... THOUSANDS.

Everyone who has worked with Tim has not only enjoyed his on-stage show, but has loved him offstage as well. As one Nightclub owner put it, "Mr. Marszalkowski has a personality as big as he is"
Tim admits that the audience is his motivation. "I'm up there for the people" he says. "It's just as important for me to have a cocktail with someone after the show as it is for me to make them laugh during. Plus, I usually don't have to buy!"

Dedicated to a life of entertainment, Tim Marszalkowski is not only a Stand-up Comic. He has been a successful radio personality at 93 QFM in Milwaukee, WI, WMMQ in Lansing, MI, Rock 107 WRQK in Canton, OH, WNIR 100.1 in Akron, OH, and KKAT in Salt Lake City UT.

He has starred in and produced " The Dobie Maxwell Show Starring Tim Marszalkowski." shown in Milwaukee, WI, and "Dancevision," and "En Video" in the Northeast Ohio area.

You can experience Polish Thunder by simply making a phone call. Tim is available for Concerts, Comedy Clubs, Private Parties, Special Events, and Fund Raising Events.

Tim Marszalkowski - the BIGGEST NAME IN SHOW BUSINESS.

Copyright 2004 Tim Marszalkowski